Salary Negotiation Talk with Ralph

Monday, February 10, 2020 2:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

The CS GSA is excited to host a talk unlike anything you have seen from us before! We have partnered up with Ralph and we will be talking about how to negotiate a better salary!

The event will take place on Feb 10th, at 2 PM in DC1302.

It gets even better: refreshments will be provided.

Below is a blurb from the company and presenter. Remember to RSVP so the event can go as planned!

A Google SWE Ph.D. offer starts at $143K base, $140K equity, $20K signing bonus but candidates who negotiate effectively can more than triple this.

You have worked hard in your Ph.D., and a candidate of your caliber deserves a very competitive offer, but companies are negotiating experts and your expertise is your work, not negotiating. Don't make less simply because you didn't negotiate well.

If you consider your career as important as where you live, like using a real estate agent, you should use a professional to guide you with your offer negotiations.

This webinar will illuminate what are the tactics that recruiters use to win offer negotiations, what tactics a candidate can employ, and how you can make an extra $50,000 from simply being a more effective negotiator.

Topics Covered:

  • How to negotiate without damaging relationships

  • How to understand your leverage in a negotiation

  • What to do when the company says no

  • 3 keys to success when negotiating

About The Speaker:

Brian Liou is the co-founder and CEO of Ralph (, a company that coaches job seekers how to negotiate their job offers. Ralph has brought back to candidates over $1.3 million dollars and negotiated over $34M in contract values. 

To Attend:

The webinar will be on Monday Feb 10th at 2 PM in DC1302. Please fill out this 30 second form.