Welcome to Computer Science Graduate Student Association

The mandate of the Computer Science Graduate Student Association (CSGSA) is to improve the quality of Computer Science (CS) Graduate Student life. We are concerned with both social and academic issues. In order to improve the amount of social interaction amongst graduate students, we organize events like board game nights, get-togethers at the grad house and group trips to sports or outdoor events. Our role with regards to academics includes ensuring grad student representation on committees such as the Graduate Academic Plans, Admissions, and Operations committee.

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  1. Mar. 23, 2020CS GSA 2020 Presidential Elections

    Computer Science Graduate Students will be choosing the next CS GSA President. The president is responsible for representing graduate students in the school council, as well as supporting students during orientation, promoting social gatherings and getting involved in departmental politics. Click here to learn more about the role

  2. Dec. 13, 2019Constitution is Adopted

    The results of the voting are out!

    Thank you, everyone, who took some time to participate in this voting.  Your participation strengthens our group as a community.

    The majority - 96% - voted for the adoption of the CS GSA Constitution. The full text is publicly available on our website.

    Thanks again for participating!

  3. Dec. 2, 2019CS GSA 2020 Board Elections Results

    Regarding the CS GSA 2020 Board Elections, we received exactly one nomination for each role, meaning there won't be elections! Therefore, the following CS GSA Board members are aclaimed:

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