Housing information

Here is a list of places to look if you need a place to live:

  • Personal advertisements: Kijiji - Kitchener-Waterloo
  • On-campus housing site: Housing and residences (Note: it may be difficult to get into these places unless you apply early.)
  • Off-campus housing department: This is a good place to start and maintains a roommate listing service for students.
  • There is an off-campus housing board in the Student Life Centre where the Bombshelter used to be. There are rentals listed on orange cards contained within a glass cabinet

If you are a new graduate student, you may want to email some other graduate students in your research group and ask them if they know of anything. If you are having lots of trouble finding a place you could email us as well.

Once you arrive in Waterloo, you will notice that there are often numerous postings (found on bulletin boards in various campus buildings) advertising rooms and apartments for rent. Often these places are relatively cheap for the summer and winter semesters.

Since Waterloo is full of students, almost any neighbourhood has students around so you won't feel isolated! We recommend places from which you can get to school in less than 30 minutes (with or without taking a bus). After that, you may want to consider other things such as whether or not hydro or internet is included in the rent or its distance from Uptown Waterloo in case you are interested in staying involved in the city (I know I am!).