Refresher Seminars

Refresher Talks

The CS refresher talks are a series of informal sessions with brief reviews of concepts and/or software tools. These concepts/tools are usually required by (many) courses and/or are fundamental in nature or just cool. The talks are small (up to 45 mins)  given by grad students for grad students. 

Send us an email to become a speaker at a refresher talk!!

Tell your fellow grad students about the cool stuff you know or are doing, practice presentation skills, help fellow grads, exchange ideas and strengthen the community. It may also result in collaboration, why not? Some examples include Java, Git, Latex, LeetCode tips, Privacy, Deep Learning, Sharcnet, Docker and many others.

The CS GSA will help with the organization of the talk (room booking and advertising).

Refresher Talks
Topic Speaker Date/Time/Room Slides and Handouts
Dissecting Git Gaurav Sahu 23-Sept-2019 / /   
Intro to Generative Text Models Gaurav Sahu 30-Sept-2019 / /   
LaTeX made easier Siddhartha Sahu 06-Oct-2019 / /