Information session

Ralph is hosting a webinar that will share insights, expertise, and data on getting interviews and how to negotiate an industry offer in quantitative finance, AI/ML, data science, bio-technology, and hardware companies. For those of you who attended the webinar with Ralph in Winter 2020, this webinar will include new and improved topics and techniques. Topics will include:

The CS-GSA has an exciting event planned for next week!!! Exclusive for grad students, we will be hosting three speakers from Google to talk about life at Google, their hiring requirements, and what they look for in applicants! The speakers include a Ph.D. machine learning intern, along with two past intern full hires. There will be food and swag, and of course, some really great talks.

Refresher Talk -  /*-->*/ LaTeX made easier

By Siddhartha Sahu.

LaTeX is great in creating beautifully typeset documents. However, the workflow around LaTeX is sometimes clunky and repetitive. In this talk, I will share tips and tricks I've learned that make working with LaTeX documents, tables, and references much less painful.