I enjoy working with Creative Studio because I feel they are as invested in my projects as I am. I appreciate their expertise and their willingness to suggest things I may not have thought of that make each project better.

Beth BohnertCommunications Officer, Advancement

The objective of the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics (WISA) launch video was to share the strategic direction of the institute and inspire partners to come together towards our goal of a sustainable future for this sector, but it was built on a strategic partnership and work of many within the creative studio and communication team.

The Faculty of Environment team met with our fantastic creative studio project manager Karen Creed-Thompson and described the objective of this video and other marketing and communication assets (banners, logo, photography, ads, marketing stories, social assets, etc.)

The creative studio team lead by the fabulous Christine Goucher used our brief to develop a brand and creative approach document where we outlined the overarching messages for key stakeholders, themes and visual assets based on our key pillars of sustainability - designed by the creative genius Jennifer Chenosky, and brand guidelines, along with logos for WISA.

The creative studio team developed a story board with support from the talented Dani Stock for our launch video based on our strategy and key messaging and revised it through a consultative and collaborative process with us.

Then the very gifted Matt Regher took all our input, vision and many requirements and put them together in the inspiring WISA launch video. The video was ever so slightly revised and finalized. It is important to note all of the above was completed on time with a very short runway.  We hope you enjoy the video and are inspired by the incredible work our faculty and students are and will be leading to drive sustainable change for the sector.

Maryam Latifpoor-Keparoutis
Director of Advancement, Environment

You're an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable team who not only helps make our wildest ideas come to life, but who also helps us find practical solutions to any design or brand challenges that we encounter when developing our materials.

Emma Borski
Communications Specialist

I enjoy working with Creative Studio because the projects truly feel like a partnership as the designer(s) and project manager(s) stay in regular contact with myself or my team to ensure that the project is meeting the timelines and strategic goals as outline within the original plan and/or FunctionPoint request.

Patty Mah, Associate Director, Admissions and Communications, School of Accounting and Finance

I like working with Creative Studio because I know I can rely on the team for advice regarding brand, paper stock, digital applications, layout considerations, and copy limitations. Plus they're such a fun team to chat with and work through ideas with.

Amanda St. Marie
Marketing and Recruitment Specialist, Faculty of Environment

I've always found it easy to work with project managers and designers with the team and have always been pleased with the results.

Dheana Ramsay
Senior Alumni Advancement Officer, Faculty of Environment

You are kind and confident collaborators!

Claire Mastrangelo, Senior Communications Officer, Advancement