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Thinking about teaching English to speakers of other languages? Set yourself apart with Renison’s ACE-TESOL programs. We offer two programs, the ACE-TESOL Certificate and the ACE-TESOL Diploma. Both programs provide a theoretical and practical approach to linguistics and second language acquisition to help prepare candidates to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). Our intensive programs allow candidates to become certified over the summer with your goal in mind.

globeAre you interested teaching ESL abroad and travelling?

Consider the ACE-TESOL Certificate program. The Certificate program provides the basic tools, strategies, skills, and knowledge to be a successful English language teacher. 

The completion of this program (100-hour classroom component with the 20-hour practicum option) can lead to TESL Canada Standard One Certification.

maple leafAre you interested in teaching ESL to adults in Canada?

Combine the ACE-TESOL Certificate and the Diploma program to maximize your teaching options at home. Building on the Certificate program, the Diploma examines the theory that underpins the practice of ESL teaching and offers opportunities to master the practical skills you developed in the Certificate. 

The completion of this program (150-hour classroom component and 30-hour practicum) combined with the ACE-TESOL Certificate program can lead to TESL 
Ontario Certification. To achieve 
TESL Ontario Certification and TESL Canada Two (Interim) Certification, candidates must complete both programs.


Please note: Registration for teacher training programs is closed.


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