Facilities and services


Parking at Renison comprises two lots with mixed access of monthly rentals for faculty, staff and students, and pay-as-you exit for guests. Accessible parking is available by arrangement in the Upper Lot for a fee; in addition, two accessible spots are designated at the north entrance on a first-come-first-serve basis. Two fifteen minute drop off spots are also available at the north entrance.

Ministry of Transportation accessible permits must be displayed at all times.

The pay-per-exit fee is $10.00.

Payment is available at the exit gate or at Reception in the form of debit or credit cards. Cash payment is not accepted.

All laneways are otherwise designated as fire access and strictly enforced by University of Waterloo Police. If you have been ticketed or towed, contact University of Waterloo Police.

For the protection of Renison students, faculty, and staff, no parking is allowed anytime, anywhere on campus without a valid permit except in designated lots, designated accessible spaces or designated drop off spaces. Vehicles may park only in areas that correspond to their respective parking permits. Special parking arrangements for activities or large groups may be scheduled with Renison University College Facilities.

There is also parking available on UW's main campus. For further information, please see University of Waterloo Parking.

Food Services

You are welcome to enjoy a meal in Renison's cafeteria located in the Great Hall. The cafeteria as a variety of options, but should you wish to eat elsewhere, other food services on campus include:

Tim Hortons: Student Life Centre, Davis Center, Modern Languages Building

Starbucks: Science Teaching Complex,

Williams Café: Environment Building 3

Subway: Student Life Center

Visit food services for a full-list of food services and their opening/closing hours.

Severe Weather Closure Protocol

Notice of a campus closing will be posted on the University of Waterloo's homepage, normally by 6:00am, remaining in effect until 6:00am or later the next day. Local broadcast, web and social media can be expected to carry the announcement. You can call the main Renison number or the Waterloo number (519-888-4567), and a recorded message will inform you if the university is closed.

Renison University College, while following what is mandated by the University of Waterloo, has implemented a new protocol in the case of extreme weather. In the case that Renison decides it is not advisable for full operations to proceed, the school will remain open with essential services only. This means that all classes would be cancelled and staff who are not needed for essential services should remain home. Notices should be posted to the Renison homepage no later than 6:15am; all announcements will be in effect for a full 24-hour period.

A decision to close on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday will be made by the Director of Police & Parking Services. In such circumstances, individuals are to consult UW's homepage, tune in to a local radio station, call UW's Infoline (1-866-470-0910), or contact your director, program coordinator, or manager to learn whether the UW campus is closed.

When UW does not close in inclement weather, faculty, staff and students are reminded that they are responsible for determining when weather conditions make their travel unsafe and should consider public transportation because it may well be the safest option and cleared parking spaces may be in short supply.

For additional information about the policy for closing during inclement weather see the University of Waterloo's policies and guidelines for weather closure.