Labs and centres

Communications Security Lab

This lab provides researchers with cutting-edge equipment to develop real-world software and hardware solutions for a wide range of wired and wireless communication networks. 

Real-time Embedded Software Group

Focus on research in real-time embedded software systems at the intersection of software technology, embedded networking, and applied formal methods, including safety-critical systems. Real-time embedded systems are characterized by their interaction with the environment through sensors and actuators, their resource constraint platforms, and non-functional properties.

Side-Channel Security of Embedded Systems Lab

Research in the lab supports the verification of countermeasures and development of new attacks through real measurement of electromagnetic emissions and power.   

Waterloo Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute

Canada can be a world leader in cybersecurity and privacy, exploiting a growing need for solutions by exporting innovations in platforms, software and services to the world. Waterloo is Canada’s leader at turning information and communication technology (ICT) research into innovations that create economic advantage.