Real-world problem solvers integrate knowledge

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Effective change-makers and expert problem-solvers need knowledge and skills from across the disciplines

Today's important problems transcend disciplines and specialities. Whether it be climate change, poverty, access to clean water, artificial intelligence, sustainable cities...all these problems require a multi-disciplinary, integrative approach.

Real-world problem solvers understand complex issues from multiple perspectives. They integrate knowledge from different disciplines, and bring together effective teams to find innovative solutions.


What is Knowledge Integration?

A degree that provides the skills to understand and solve changing and complex real-world problems.

The Bachelor of Knowledge Integration (KI), offered only at the University of Waterloo, combines courses across arts and sciences into one unique degree.

A flexible and passion-driven program, KI emphasizes design thinking, communication, and collaboration across all disciplines to empower real-world problem solvers.

A broad foundation of courses connects you with your interdisciplinary teammates at school and in the workforce, and degree flexibility lets you go deep into the subjects you love--or combine two or three!

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From Knowledge Integration Students:

I see value in having knowledge from many different places and pulling it together. Of the interdisciplinary programs, KI felt the most like a community I wanted to be part of. It felt like coming home.

Different disciplines have a tendency to develop different skills and I wanted to benefit from all of them, learn to see problems from different angles.

… KI gives me the freedom to choose my own path. The major gives me the tools I need to learn, collaborate, and think while giving the option to focus on any field that I choose.


Design Your Education

Brock Hart

Brock Hart
Co-Founder and CEO, Overlap Associates

We can throw [KI students] into absolutely anything. The types of problems that we’re facing are really complex ... KI has done a great job of training students to not take a problem at face value, but to see other sides of it.


Making Connections. Solving Problems.

Zainab Ramahi

Zainab Ramahi
Bachelor of Knowledge Integration, Joint Honours Knowledge Integration and Political Science, Minor in History
Doctor of Law, University of California, Berkeley

KI taught me to investigate communities, problems, and politics from a perspective which recognizes elements within a system and takes into account the ways in which they are connected. KI has not only helped me to stand out and meaningfully walk the talk of interdisciplinarity in my law school applications, it has given me the confidence and preparation to contribute meaningfully in this next part of my academic journey!


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