KI-X: the annual KI eXhibition

As part of their studies in the Bachelor of Knowledge Integration program at the University of Waterloo, students enroll in the four-part Museum Course: the series of INTEG 230, INTEG 320 and INTEG 321.

Students use a field trip to a museum-rich city in Europe to immerse themselves in museums and culture, honing their observational skills in a new environment. On their return, they spend seven months combining what they found with what they’ve learned in museum-focused design courses.

The result is a challenging group project combining research, design, classroom and self-directed learning, project management, and physical build skills. The exhibits the students research, design and build are an opportunity in applied knowledge integration; it's a chance to explore the unique and rewarding challenge of designing a real-world, hands-on learning experience that is open to the public.

The exhibits typically cover a range of topics from across the arts, sciences, engineering, and history. Learn more about this year's exhibits, or come see them for yourself during March Break.

Check out a video of KI students creating their exhibits: