Trust me, I'm a...

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What do you trust? Explore how trust relationships shape your interactions with everyday objects, and learn to think critically about how and by whom trust is manufactured and broken.

Carpe Museum presents “Trust Me, I’m a…”, a look at what objects can teach us about everyday trust. Have you ever wondered who made your passport? Why do you trust your doctor to cure your ills? Most people trust lots of things every day, without stopping to think about why. "Trust Me, I'm a..." doesn't take anything for granted. Even a simple thing like your toaster or coffee maker connects to a series of certifications and agencies. Carpe Museum will reveal a secret world of trust dynamics that is hiding in plain sight— why do we trust keys to keep our things safe? How do we use identification to communicate trust to someone we've never met? Join us as we explore how four very different objects are trusted, and how these objects connect us with people that we trust.

This exhibit was chosen to be on display in spring 2016 at THEMUSEUM in Downtown Kitchener as a component of the “Aging Dialogues” exhibition.