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Visit our exhibits and learn about:

  • deCLASSified: How economic class affects your life may seem complicated… until it’s deCLASSified.
  • Fear Itself: Learn about how and why fear affects your body by diving into the world of popular culture.
  • Tainted Love: Is love today as simple as “happily ever after”?
  • The Cognitive Casino: Explore how hidden biases colour our feelings and actions.
  • Value to a T: Using T-shirts as a case study, we’ve tailored this exhibit to explore the factors that affect how YOU value objects.
  • Welcome to Utopia: Decide for yourself; Utopia or Dystopia?

KI-X 2017 took place March 13th to 18th.

The students who created KI-X 2017 took their Field Trip to Copenhagen prior to creating their own exhibits.

Course instructors: Rob Gorbet and Paul McKone