KIX 2017

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Visit our exhibits and learn about:

  • deCLASSified: How economic class affects your life may seem complicated… until it’s deCLASSified.
  • Fear Itself: Learn about how and why fear affects your body by diving into the world of popular culture.
  • Tainted Love: Is love today as simple as “happily ever after”?
  • The Cognitive Casino: Explore how hidden biases colour our feelings and actions.
  • Value to a T: Using T-shirts as a case study, we’ve tailored this exhibit to explore the factors that affect how YOU value objects.
  • Welcome to Utopia: Decide for yourself; Utopia or Dystopia?

KIX 2017 took place March 13th to 18th.

The students who created KIX 2017 took their Field Trip to Copenhagen prior to creating their own exhibits.

Course instructors: Rob Gorbet and Paul McKone