Letters Numbers Colours

Letters, Numbers, Colours exploring Grapheme Synesthesia

The first annual Knowledge Integration Exhibition, KI-X 2011, presented Letters Numbers Colours, an exhibit to educate and challenge human perception through exploration of grapheme synesthesia. Featuring synesthete artwork and modified examples of iconic brands, this exhibit introduced visitors to a neurological phenomenon where letters and numbers elicit perceptions of colour.

Letters Numbers Colours told the stories of grapheme synesthetes, individuals who permanently associate each letter and number with a very specific colour. These colours are innate and involuntary—and unique to each synesthete.

Exploring the world of Letters Numbers Colours helps you evise your misconceptions and test your senses as you learn about this fascinating perceptual experience.

Created by: Liz Weber, Mary Krupicz, Maria Leahy, Ryan Voisin, Keith U and Vanessa Minke-Martin.