Department of Knowledge Integration

The Department of Knowledge Integration is home to the unique Bachelor of Knowledge Integration undergraduate degree.

We are committed to providing education and enrichment opportunities that transcend traditional disciplines and prepare our students to adapt to and engage with our complex world.

  1. Oct. 9, 2019KI student summer experiences supported by new award

    Last summer, two of the KI students who had valuable opportunities where they applied their KI learning were supported in part by the KI donor-funded Knowledge Integration Experience Award.

  2. June 25, 2019Next issue of Journal of Integrative Research & Reflection is out now!
    The Journal of Integrative Research & Reflection (JIRR) is a free undergraduate student journal published by the Department of Knowledge Integration at the University of Waterloo.
    JIRR was created by Knowledge Integration students and facilitates the growth of the undergraduate cross-disciplinary community by bringing people together.
  3. June 21, 2019KI student-designed exhibit profiled on National Indigenous Peoples Day

    Mashkawizii is a KI student-designed exhibit that explores the terrible legacy of the Canadian residential school system and the struggles and resilience of those who continue to survive it.

    Read one visitor's experience in the article "National Indigenous Peoples Day offers a chance for recognition and personal reflection".

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  1. Jan. 10 to Apr. 3, 2020KI Seminar Series Winter 2020

    Join the KI community at our Friday afternoon seminars, where we'll learn together about knowledge integration in action!

  2. Jan. 31, 2020KI Seminar: KI alumni panel

    Life after KI

  3. Feb. 7, 2020KI Seminar: Val Walker

    Business/Higher Education Roundtable

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