Our mission and vision


The Department of Knowledge Integration is committed to providing education and enrichment opportunities that transcend traditional disciplines and prepare our students to adapt to and engage with our complex world.


The problems facing our world, and our students preparing to enter it, are complex, rapidly evolving, and transcend boundaries. Society needs real world problem solvers that can understand complex issues from multiple perspectives and bring together effective interdisciplinary teams to find innovative solutions. These solution integrators need to be literate, numerate, articulate, and graceful collaborators.

Our brightest, most well-rounded, and diversely talented youth are looking for an education that allows them to integrate and build on diverse strengths rather than specialize too early. Knowledge Integration equips these students with the skills for knowing and making a difference in the world in its core curriculum while affording our students the flexibility to explore their interests and develop their personal area of concentration drawing on the full breadth of the university.

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