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KI students are:

  • motivated: taking initiative to seek out challenges
  • designers: skilled in the Design Thinking processes of problem-solving
  • broad-based: able to integrate ideas from across disciplinary boundaries to design novel and creative solutions
  • team players: they love collaboration, and they’re good at it!
  • curious: asking good questions, looking at issues from different perspectives
  • flexible: ready for challenge, ambiguity and change

KI student skills:

  • design thinking
  • problem-solving
  • critical thinking
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • facilitation
  • research
  • project management

On top of these core skills, and a broad foundation of arts and science courses, each KI student uses the flexibility of the degree to build their own unique area of knowledge specialization.

  • Courses in management sciences, psychology, user-centred design and ergonomics led her to a career as a business analyst for a large consulting firm.
  • He concentrated on computer science, along with psychology and economics, and now works in product development designing engaging web and mobile products for enterprise systems.
  • She chose courses in biology, ecology and Spanish, and is now working in wildlife conservation.
  • Economics and a collaborative design specialization prepared him for app development at a company that delivers technology solutions for behavioural health services.
  • He took courses in business, digital arts, and collaborative design, and now works as a design strategist for a software development company.
  • Courses in anthropology, management sciences, and collaborative design created a strong foundation for his work as a program manager for a company that advises indigenous communities on partnerships in clean energy projects.

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Where do KI students and grads work?

Our students apply their KI learning in the summer through jobs, volunteering, studying and travel.

Because each KI grad has a unique set of interests and mix of courses, their career goals are diverse as well. And they work in a wide range of jobs.

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The KI Works program helps students integrate their learning and work experience and develop professional skills.

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