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Fall 2018

INTEG 10: Knowledge Integration Seminar Rob Gorbet
INTEG 120: The Art & Science of Learning John McLevey
INTEG 210: Making Collaboration Work Katie Plaisance
INTEG 220: Nature of Scientific Knowledge Katie Plaisance
INTEG 231: The Museum Course: Field Trip Project Paul McKone
INTEG 320: The Museum Course: Research and Design Rob Gorbet, Paul McKone
INTEG 340: Thinking Through Research Methods John McLevey
INTEG 375 Special Topics: Hands-on Sustainability Paul McKone
INTEG 420A: Senior Research Project A  John McLevey
INTEG 452A: Real World Problem Solving A Vanessa Schweizer

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Winter 2019

INTEG 10: Knowledge Integration Seminar Rob Gorbet
INTEG 121: Collaboration, Design Thinking and Problem Solving Vanessa Schweizer
INTEG 221: The Social Nature of Knowledge Katie Plaisance
INTEG 230: The Museum Course: Preparation and Field Trip Paul McKone
INTEG 251: Creative Thinking Vanessa Schweizer
INTEG 321: The Museum Course: Practicum and Presentation Rob Gorbet, Paul McKone
INTEG 375 Special Topics: Technology Art Studio "Tech Art" Rob Gorbet
INTEG 420B: Senior Research Project B John McLevey
INTEG 452B: Real World Problem Solving B Vanessa Schweizer
INTEG 475 Special Topics: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Katie Plaisance

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