Joint Honours and Concurrent Degrees

Knowledge Integration students have the opportunity to use all their electives to complete a double major with another Honours program (one degree, two majors), or to complete a concurrent degree (two degrees). Please be sure to contact the KI Advisor to discuss course planning early in your undergraduate journey.

Joint KI with Program X

Often, KI students complete a Joint Honours plan with another Honours program when they want to dedicate most, and usually all, of their 8.5 units of KI electives towards one area of focus. They are interested in learning and applying their knowledge in a field more extensively than a minor could allow. If you’re interested in completing a minor, check out the Options, minors and specializations page.

Completing a Joint with another program may require you to take additional courses past the minimum 20.5 units that a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration requires. Ensure that you speak to both the KI  Advisor and the Advisor from the program for which you wish to complete a Joint to help you plan your courses.Be sure to contact the KI Advisor for more details about double-counting rules in a Joint plan.Typically, your second major cannot be from a co-op stream as the co-op work terms interrupt the necessary KI course offerings.

What will be listed on my diploma?

As a KI student in the Faculty of Environment completing a Joint major with another program, you will be graduating with a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration with Joint in X Program. To declare a Joint plan with KI and another major, connect with both advisors before filling out the plan modification form and submitting it to both advisors for approval.

Currently, KI students can complete a Joint program in:

Faculty of Arts

Joint Honours Plans in the Faculty of Arts include:

  • Honours Anthropology
  • Honours Arts and Business (Regular)
  • Honours Classical Studies
  • Honours Communication Arts and Design Practice
  • Honours Communication Studies
  • Honours Economics
  • Honours Mathematical Economics
  • Honours English Language and Literature – Creative and Professional Writing
  • Honours English Language and Literature – Literature
  • Honours English Language and Literature – Literature and Rhetoric
  • Honours English Language and Literature – Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication
  • Honours Fine Arts
  • Honours French
  • Honours Gender and Social Justice
  • Honours German
  • Honours History
  • Honours Legal Studies
  • Honours Liberal Studies
  • Honours Medieval Studies
  • Honours Music
  • Honours Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Honours Philosophy
  • Honours Political Science
  • Honours Psychology
  • Honours Religious Studies
  • Honours Sexuality, Marriage and Family Studies
  • Honours Social Development Studies
  • Honours Sociology
  • Honours Spanish and Latin American Studies
  • Honours Theatre and Performance
  • Honours Visual Culture

Faculty of Environment

Joint Honours Plans in the Faculty of Environment include:

  • Joint Honours Environment, Resources and Sustainability
  • Joint Honours Geography and Environmental Management
  • Joint Honours Geomatics
  • Joint Honours International Development

Faculty of Science

Joint Honours Plans in the Faculty of Science include:

  • Joint Honours Biology
  • Joint Honours Chemistry
  • Joint Honours Earth Sciences
  • Joint Honours Physics

Faculty of Health

Joint Honours Plans in the Faculty of Health include:

  • Joint Honours Recreation and Leisure Studies

Faculty of Mathematics

Joint Honours Plans in the Faculty of Mathematics include:

  • Joint Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Joint Honours Mathematics

Joint Program X with KI

Students from other programs are welcome to complete a Joint Honours plan with Knowledge Integration. KI is an excellent addition to your primary area of focus as it will reinforce your collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills – making you an agile and competitive candidate for your future career or post-graduate programs. KI also offers a KI minor option which requires 4.0 units to complete.

Be sure to reach out to the KI Advisor to plan out your Joint with KI as core KI courses (labelled “INTEG”) are only available during certain terms (see: Course Sequence). They can also help you map out your degree through double-counting rules and calendar requirements.

Concurrent Degree with KI and X

Concurrent degrees go one step beyond a Joint plan. Students completing a concurrent degree (also known as a double-degree in certain faculties) will graduate with two Bachelor degrees, one from each of the two areas of focus they completed.

Concurrent degrees require additional course units to be completed and will often take an extra 5th or 6th year depending on the programs. Refer to the Calendar’s instructions for Concurrent Degrees for additional detail, and speak with your Advisors about whether a Concurrent Degree is necessary to achieve your academic and professional goals.