Options, minors and specializations

KI students often choose to take minors from departments all across campus. And we have specializations in KI, details below.

Students in other programs can connect with the KI experience through a minor or even a joint honours:

Collaborative Design Specialization

The Collaborative Design Specialization offers students the opportunity to develop a concentration in design thinking, skills, and practice. It is intended for Knowledge Integration students who want to gain greater knowledge and experience with design and real-world problem solving, beyond their core BKI courses.

Learn more about the Collaborative Design Specialization.

Science, Technology & Society Specialization

The Science, Technology, & Society specialization is designed to cover a broad range of issues, including the nature and organization of knowledge and expertise, science policy, and public understanding of science. It is intended for Knowledge Integration students who want to be exposed to a variety of disciplinary perspectives related to the social, ethical, and political dimensions of science and technology, beyond their core KI courses.

Learn more about the Science, Technology & Society Specialization.

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