INTEG 340: Research Design and Methods

This course provides an introduction to empirical research design and methods with a focus on applications in the social and information sciences and related fields. You will learn about core issues in research design (e.g., sampling) that transcend specific approaches, and about a variety of techniques for collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data. The course will cover both abstract and practical issues related to methodology and decision making in empirical research. You will have the opportunity to develop and workshop proposals that you may wish to pursue in your senior honours thesis. By the end of the course you will be a more informed consumer and have a basic set of skills for designing and implementing your own empirical research projects. Most importantly, you will have a foundation for future learning about research design and methods.

Note: This course is open to all Waterloo students, and required for BKI students.

Fall 2022: held with ENBUS 306

Prerequisite: Level at least 2A

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Previous course name "Research Methods and Design"