INTEG 120: The Art & Science of Learning

There are three sets of related learning objectives in this course. First, you will be introduced to state-of-the-art scientific research on learning and cognitive adaptability, and you will begin using this research to become more intentional learners and knowledge integrators. Second, you will learn about how the mind processes information, and will begin developing new habits to facilitate clear and critical thinking in complex, messy, and stressful circumstances. Finally, you will learn how to see the social networks you are embedded in, and how they shape what you think, know, and do. You will use this knowledge to identify opportunities for learning and for knowledge integration. We will end by putting all of these pieces together into explicit frameworks and strategies for learning and the integration and synthesis of different types of knowledge.

This course is on the Faculty of Engineering Complementary Studies List

former course name: "Introduction to the Academy: Disciplines and Integrative Practices"

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