KI celebrates its 15-year anniversary at Waterloo

Monday, April 1, 2024
Wide shot of all attendees in the room

Celebrating fifteen years of empowering interdisciplinary solutions for global challenges

Knowledge Integration celebrated its 15th anniversary this year along with the third year students' KI museum exhibits (KIX). With over 150 in attendance, we couldn’t be more grateful. Alumni shared stories of their KI experiences and their journey since then; community members spoke about their affiliation and interest in the program; students recalled stories from their KIX exhibit project; and everyone had a chance to enjoy the five KIX exhibits.

Classifying the problems facing the world as 'complex' may seem like a simplification. Issues such as climate change, access to healthcare, inequity, and cybersecurity are not only individually challenging but also interconnected. Solving these interdisciplinary problems needs knowledge and expertise from fields like science, arts, technology, philosophy, and design-thinking. This requires experts who can engage in meaningful dialogue, analyze information, work collaboratively, and excel at integrating knowledge. These skills and learnings form the foundation of the Knowledge Integration program.

If you’re interested in supporting Knowledge Integration through volunteering your time/experience, donating to student scholarships, offering internships for KI students, or other forms of support or promotions, we would love to hear from you!

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