KIX students present at international Study for the Association of Play conference

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Izzie, Corrine and Sakura presenting at the conference

In March, Izzie Kelly, Corrine Knox-Germans and Sakura MacLean presented their third-year KI museum exhibit (KIX) to the public: Imagine That! As part of this design capstone project, their group researched, design and built a museum exhibit on the importance of play pretend such as fostering self-improvement and wellness, no matter your age.

Soon after, they had the opportunity to present at the Study for the Association of Play (TASP), one of two international conferences focused on the interdisciplinary field of play study. The 2024 conference, celebrating its 50th anniversary, was held in Rochester, New York at the Strong National Museum of Play. This unique experience was in part possible thanks to the Lewitt Family Foundation for their donations to the KI Experience Award which helped fund this undertaking.

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