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Children participating in the fossil fish activity 

We offer a variety of programs with intended audiences of all ages. If you are a teacher, we have many programs with direct Ontario curriculum connections, and we love hosting elementary school field-trips. Please limit to only one class visiting at a time. Each program consists of a presentation followed by interactive activities. Unsure if a program would be a good fit for your students? We are flexible and able to adapt our existing programs to the needs and level of learning of your group.

We also offer programs to groups outside of schools! If you are part of a club, community organization, a home school gathering, a leader for Guides, Brownies, Sparks, Scouts, Beavers, Cubs, or simply a gathering of people hoping to learn more, we can serve you! Although our museum hours are 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM on weekdays, we are able to accommodate groups that meet outside of these hours. 

All programs offered by the museum are free of charge to all participants. Your donations to the museum are greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate funds to support our passion, you may do so by going to our Supporters page or via our donation box in the Conestoga Rovers Learning Centre.

Field trips are two hours in duration on average, but can be shortened or extended as requested. Please book at least two weeks in advance. A description of each program can be found below:

Grade level Program Description Time (min)
Kindergarten and up Dinosaurs and Fossils Learn all about the dinosaurs! Meet Albertosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus and the rest of their friends. Students will learn about the full-size skeletons, as well as get to handle a variety of REAL dinosaur fossils! Includes a guided walk around the museum.  90
Grade 2 Groundwater Adventures Discover the hidden world of groundwater with a story featuring the characters Wally the Worm and Deanna Waterdroplet. Learn about where our drinking water comes from in Waterloo! Learn about the water cycle and build a craft to take home. 90
Grade 4 and up Rocks and Minerals Finally understand the difference between rocks and minerals with this hands-on learning experience! Students get to handle 25+ different specimens before getting a tour of our underground mine tunnel. Finish off with a fun geology themed activity. 120
Grade 5 and up Natural Disasters From volcanoes and earthquakes to massive landslides and hurricanes, explore all of earth’s natural hazards by learning what powerful forces on our planet cause these disasters. Then, put your knowledge and building skills to the test with a classroom-wide competition to see who can build a structure that will survive the earthquake table! 120
Grade 7 and up Graph-light! Learn all about the grey part of your pencil- where it comes from, how it conducts electricity and how we can use it to create art! Students will also learn about batteries- the minerals that go inside and how they work!  120
Grade 7 and up Geophysics Explore what's under the Earth's surface using geophysical techniques! Learn how scientists can find valuable resources without even digging into the ground. See the technology used and try finding these resources yourself!  120
Grade 9 Energy Game Explore Canada’s energy resources: type, use, and relative value. Take a close look at fossil fuels in the museum; where they come from, how we use them and fuel alternatives. Then play the Energy Game to maximize your provincial income and conserve resources while providing for your energy hungry population. Your group will want to play this action packed game more than once!  90
Grade 9-12 Rocks, Microscopes, and Minerals A hands-on examination of where our Canadian rock and mineral resources come from, how we know what they are worth, and what products they are in. Students will investigate the properties of rocks and minerals first hand using real petrogrpahic microscopes to discover what rocks look like up close. Includes a tour of the mine tunnel. Good for SES4U  120-150
Grade 9-12 Geochemistry in Water Resources How do elements move through water in the environment? How do we maintain, protect and clean this essential resource? Using chemical and colourimetric tools, conduct a hands-on lab experiment to trace nutrient pollution in the Grand River watershed. Explore local case studies of water pollution and remediation and visit a real, working geochemistry lab with a UWaterloo professor or grad student from the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department. Good for SCH3U, SCH4C, SVN3M, SVN3E and SES4U  120

How to book a program

If you would like to book a program for an elementary school field-trip, please fill out the form below. 

All museum programs are free but unfortuantely transportation costs still exist. The PDAC's Mining Matters program has a field trip subsidy that you can apply for. Still unable to book a bus? Some of our programs can be done virtually! You can also call or email to inquire about the possibility of an in-school class visit.

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