Cobalt Discovery Mine Tunnel Grand Opening

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Children give a thumbs up in front of the newly unveiled mining exhibitIt's official: our replica mine tunnel is now complete and ready to be explored! Our grand opening was a success as many donors, alumni and others came out to witness the official unveiling of the donor recognition and mine tunnel plaques signaling the finish of our mine tunnel project. Cupcakes topped with "rock" candy, talks from key donors and miner's hat giveaways for kids highlighted the event that kicked off the second day of the Gem Show and Science Open house on Saturday, October the 27th.

Thank-you to all the donors who made this exhibit possible!

The process of assembling the mine tunnel

With the donation of mucking carts from Cobalt, Ontario, and suitable space in the Museum layout, we had the opportunity to develop an educational simulation mining tunnel with the theme “Creation, extraction, rehabilitation: the life cycle of a mine.”

two people standing with mine cart

Peter Russell and Leanne Taylor (above) with Mining Equipment, courtesy of Cobalt Historical Society. Leanne Taylor is a University of Waterloo Alumni who arranged for us to acquire the mining equipment when she was on a work term in 2008 in Cobalt. This was the seed which started the Mine Tunnel Project!

April 2011

Representatives from the University of Waterloo drove up to Timmins and were offered mining equipment by Lakeshore Gold Corp.

stoper drill

Barry Warner and Kathy Feick unpack the stoper drill donated by Lakeshore Gold Corporation.

July 2011

Reiner Mielke, an Alumnus of the University, found a drill in Cobalt which is similar to the one being used in the Pathe News clip linked below, and had it shipped down for use in our display.

woman cleaning drill with hose

Matt of RCI visited Cobalt in the last week of July to make moulds of the rocks in an open trench near Peterson Lake. These casts were then transformed into the rock surface in the tunnel!

two men taking mould of real rock face

September 2011

Installation of the mining tunnel began on Monday, September 19, 2011.

man standing beside wall that models the appearance of rocks

John, a museum volunteer, admiring the new walls of the mine tunnel.

view of mine tunnel in process of being installed

Installation progress as of October 11, 2011

replica rock face        installing drill

mine tunnel installation- wood doors

Installation progress as of October 19, 2011

man pretending to drill into ceiling

Also in October, The Record wrote an article covering the up and coming mining exhibit.

November 2011

We arranged to have an old drill mounted onto a stand for photo opportunities when we go to gem and mineral shows! The sign and drill display made its first appearance at the 2011 London Gem and Mineral Show in November of 2011.

man standing with drill on stand pretending to operate drill

With the mining tunnel portion of the exhibit completed, installation of the locker room and mine geologist office areas began in November!

locker assemblt

mining assay construction

By November 25, both areas were complete!

interior of mining office

locker room area