Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2016)

Alisia MarMy name is Alisia Mar and I am a third year environmental science student with a specialization in geoscience. I have been passionate about geology and earth science since I was young, collecting rocks and spending long days outside. I love to learn, and I love having the opportunity to inspire the next generation of learners. Being able to peak the interest in young kids about the topics that I am currently studying helps me place great value to what I learn during my school terms. It is nice to see how curious and excited kids are about learning, and I hope to light a spark inside them to continue to persue further learning.

My other great passion is soccer. You can find me on Warrior field alongside the womens varsity soccer team during the fall, and coaching youth soccer in the summer. I truly believe working with kids both on and off the field helps make me a better person, as they teach me as many things as I teach them.

University of Waterloo

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