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Emma Buczolits

Assistant Museum Curator (Fall 2015)

Emma Buczolits sitting on a dockI am a third year Environmental Science undergraduate student specializing in Ecology. This is my second work term at the University of Waterloo and I am so excited to be the Fall 2015 assistant curator. I have a passion for learning and teaching science and I hope I get the chance to share that passion with you!

I have grown up at my cottage in Muskoka so I have always loved going on hikes and collecting rocks. I am constantly in awe by the collections we have here at the Earth Sciences Museum and my morning routine always includes a detour to check out the displays. I am interested in geology, hydrology as well as science outreach and I hope to pursue this in the future.

Whether it’s skiing, kayaking or simply watching ducks in a pond I would rather spend my time outdoors. On my down time, you can find me at Waterloo Park or in the Peter Russell Rock Garden. Aside from Earth and Environmental Science, I love all things Disney and I’m obsessed with chocolate chip cookies.

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