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Peter RussellPeter Russell is a retired curator of the Earth Sciences Museum at the University of Waterloo, he continues to work with the museum on a volunteer basis. The university designated him an honorary member of UW in 1999 for his work in public awareness of science, for which he also received the 2004 Geological Association of Canada EWR Neale award. In 2012 he received the Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Lifetime Achievement. This award recognizes individuals who have made volunteer contributions to preserving, protecting, and promoting community heritage over a period of 25 years or more. Peter also received the Ontario Ground Water Association 2017  Earth, Wind, Fire & Water Award. The Earth, Wind, Fire, & Water Award is presented annually to a group or individual who has demonstrated their commitment to and excellence in protecting the quality and use of one of our Earth’s most precious commodities – ground water. Peter was one of the founders of the Waterloo Wellington Groundwater Festival and others in Ontario over the past 25 years.

Occupation: Curator Emeritus - Earth Sciences Museum

Career background: Peter started his career as an Apprentice Junior Technician in the Geology Department at the University of Leeds, England in 1960. He continued to work there until 1967 when joined the University of Waterloo, Earth Sciences Department as a lab technician preparing rock, polished and thin sections for teaching and research. In the early 1970’s Peter prepared illustrations for publication and teaching. He then took over the position as Administrative Assistant, Earth Sciences Museum Curator and photographer. In 1996 he retired and continued as Curator until Corina took over.

University of Waterloo

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