Jack Li

Assistant Museum Curator (Winter 2015)

jack beside newly designed Jade display
I am a second year Knowledge Integration student and working at the Earth Sciences Museum was my first ever Work-Study experience. I had the opportunity to tackle the challenge of re-designing the Chinese Jade Exhibit, and with the help of fellow assistants and the curator, we have completed the brand new exhibit on June 11th 2015.My interest in Earth Science began as a way to better appreciate the local geography during my travels. To me, the world is filled with awesome surprises, whether it is made by nature or constructed by us. And having an understanding in Earth Sciences gave me access to a more complex perspective of the world.

I love backpacking and getting on the road, and by that, I mean hitchhiking between towns and villages. Besides my interest in the outdoors, I am also exploring the field of sound recording, as I hope to become a Radio DJ or a voice actor in the future. As of right now in Waterloo, I have set my goals of acquiring two very different languages, Spanish and Japanese.

Personally, I believe learning a new language is the best ways to open up new doors to the foreign world. Through the journey, I hope to make new friends, learn and appreciate the cultures and ultimately, be surprised with what it has to offer.