Manuel Arab

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2014)

Manuel and Ryan representing Science
I'm Manny but some of you may know me as the Keeper of SSD's, the source of our Science power and embodiment of all that we strive for!... sort of. I'm a 4A (-ish) Geology Student that has dabbled in Geoarchaeology, and Classics with quite a bit of passion for both. I hope to do my thesis in Paleontology this year to try and tie my interests together. My time here at the museum has shown me that I have a deep appreciation for teaching others about the past and I personally feel like this is something I wish to pursue in the future.

On campus, there's a few things I'm passionate about but none quite as much as A Cappella singing and Hip Hop dancing. Both are absolutely fun and make my university experience more vibrant. When I'm not at school, I like to kick back with a good book (perhaps an ancient text), play some video games, run, or go outside and just relax under a tree.

In the field of geology, my areas of interest are geochronology, paleontology, mineralogy, and geomorphology. I've been growing a mineral collection since I started Mineralogy back in second year and it is my hope to acquire as many minerals and fossils as I can.