Sean Brace

Assistant Museum Curator (Spring 2014)

Sean Brace in underground gold mine
To those who wish to know a bit more about me...I am third year Geology undergraduate student on my third work term at the Earth Sciences Museum in EIT. I am also a mining enthusiast that enjoys talking about the wonders of underground mining and production geology. In working at the museum I have deepened my enjoyment for learning and exploration of all things related to rocks and minerals as well as the endless knowledge that comes from exploring the world of dinosaurs.

My hope is that all those interested in Earth Sciences at all age levels can explore the exhibits and find something cool or something that sparks curiosity as to how or why things are the way that they are.

I personally am a huge hockey/baseball fan, gaming enthusiast and have been told that I may be a bit of a rock hound. Since working at the museum I have even begun my own small collection of rocks and minerals. We have such a great team here at the Earth Sciences Museum and I believe that there are more great and exciting things to come in the near future. Not only for us but for everyone to see and enjoy.