We have many online resources that have been compiled over the years. They can be used for school research, finding out more about Canadian Earth Sciences, or to simply feed your curiosity and have fun!

We have organized our resources into 4 categories:


Mastodon: Life, Death and Discovery 

Dino Viewer (coming soon!)

Dino Puzzle (coming soon!)

Earth Sciences in Ontario

Fossils in Ontario

Mastodons and Mammoths in Ontario

Minerals of Ontario

Mining in Ontario

Earth Sciences in Canada

Mining in Canada

History of Life


Detailed Rocks and Minerals Articles

Crystal shapes

Hydrothermal Minerals

Additional Web Resources

Rock and Mineral Kit Loan Out

Hello Teachers, we now have a rock and mineral kit that is available to loan. The kit includes 26 labelled specimens. If you are interested, please e-mail us at


Mineral KitRock Kit