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Madoc fluorite mine

madoc fluorite mine black and white image

The image above is of a Fluorite Mine which was visible when driving into the town of Madoc, Ontario, from the South. The mine operated between the 1960s and the 1970s. It produced beautiful fluorite crystals which were used for making lenses.

piece of green fluorite mineral next to a toonie for size comparison

A large fluorite specimen from the Kilpatrick Mine in Madoc, Ontario.

Canada talc mine

The Canada Talc Mine located in Madoc, Ontario was the oldest continuous producing mine in Ontario. Mining operations began in 1896 and continued until 2010. It is one of only three mines on the planet which has been in steady operation for more than one hundred years.

1881 - Talc was discovered on the farm of Christopher Henderson.

1896 - The farm became the Henderson mine.

1911 - Conley Mine (originally comprised of northeastward extension of the Henderson orebody) was discovered.

1938 - Henderson and Conley properties merged.

1951 to 1983 - Canada Talc Industries Ltd. operated and in 1983 became Canada Talc Ltd.

1999 - Highwood Resources Ltd. acquired Canada Talc. Major mine infrastructure improvements were made including access to new production levels and infrastructure and capital equipment were installed at the mill in Marmora were completed.

2002 - Dynatec Mineral Products Division acquired the industrial minerals division of Highwood Resources Ltd.

2008 - Sheritt International acquired the property.

2010 - Sherritt closed Canada Talc operations in Madoc.

2011 - The site was rehabilitated.

(information courtesy of Mindat)

talc mine black and white image