Virtual Tour of the Earth Sciences Museum

Virtual Tour of Mining Tunnel assay office

Explore our museum!

Roam around the Museum and explore learning opportunities in five different "rooms":

  • Dino Pit: our showcase space with everyone's favourite dinosaurs and other fossils
  • Water Room: a research lab with equipment that helps us learn more about what's in our water
  • Mineral Room: a teaching lab with mineral collectors' stories, tools and favourite finds
  • Mining Tunnel: a replica of a real silver mine, with tools from the first half of the 20th century
  • Peter Russell Rock Garden: more than 80 large rocks from all over the world, in the middle of campus

The tour has extra sneak peeks that can't be seen in the actual Museum. You can get right into the Assay Office of the mining tunnel and wander through a working research lab upstairs. Conversational audio clips from interviews with various friends of the Museum provide information, stories, and advice about their area of expertise. With audio, photo, video and infographic elements available, dive as deep as you like into your learning from the comfort of your own couch! A computer browser and headphones will be most comfortable for this experience.

Virtual Tour of the Earth Sciences Museum

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We'd like to acknowledge that this project would not have come together without significant contributions from Corina McDonald, Quinn Worthington, Heather Neufeld, Stephanie Reimer, Sunny Luo, Karen Fox, Alexis Hill, Zoe Whitman, Katie Miller, Lindsay Williams, Paul McKone, Madison Curtis and Madison Macgillivray. Audio clips were provided by Jim Reimer, Aimee Partlow, Gary Partlow, Dylan Simmonds, Stephanie Kobylinski, Dan Meagher, Brian Kendall, Chris Yakymchuk, Sarah McCaugherty, Mark Rehkopf and John Spoelstra.