Ecohydrology Research Attended GWF 2021

Friday, May 21, 2021

Members of ecohydrology research group attended the 2021 GWF virtual confernce on May 17-19 2021! 

Day 1 Poster Session:

Bowen Zhou: Climatic controls on phosphorus fluxes from a bioretention facility in a heavily urbanized catchment using a process-based eco-hydrological model –Poster ID: 13

Heather Townsend: Anammox may promote the anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM) in cold wetland soils –Poster ID: 17

Jovana Radoslavjevic: Impacts of rapid urbanization on eutrophication and water quality of a shallow kettle lake in southern Ontario (Lake Wilcox)- Poster ID:25

Tariq Aziz: Western Lake Ontario: Preliminary analysis of lakefront real estate prices –Poster ID: 26

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Day 2 Poster Session:

Eunji Byun: Temperature and moisture controls on non-growing season CO2 emissions in laboratory incubations with soils from northern peatlands –Poster ID: 52

Mahyar Shafii: Predicting phosphorus cycling and retention in residential catchments and downstream  stormwater ponds using field data, lab analyses and numerical modelling – Poster ID: 60

Hannah Adams and Jane Ye: Solar radiation and lake algal blooms: The search for a global relationship – Poster ID: 65

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Day 3 Poster Session:

Konrad Krogstad: Impact of Winter Soil Processes on Nutrient Leaching in Cold Region Agroecosystems –Poster ID: 103

Arash Rafat: Why the Definition of the Non-Growing Season (NGS) Matters –Poster ID: 115

Zarha Akbarzadeh: Where land meets lake: the role of shallow basins and the littoral zone in Lake Erie phosphorus cycling –Poster ID: 127

Ishit Ranjan: Assessment of Remote-sensed Chlorophyll-a dataset from ESA Lakes Climate Change Initiative Project - Poster ID: 140 

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Parallel Sessions

Managing Urban Water Challenges in a Changing Climate

Convened by Philippe Van Cappellen and Helen Jarvie

Featuring lightning talks from: Mahyar Shafii, Jovana Radoslavjevic and Tariq Aziz

Improved Tools for Prediction of Water Futures 

Featuring Philippe Van Cappellen- 'Lake nutrient cycling and algal productivity: multi-scale drives and controls'