Ecohydrology Research Group Attended GWF 2023

Monday, May 15, 2023

Members of Ecohydrology Research Group attended the Global Water Futures 2023 Annual Open Science Meeting (GWF ASM) virtual conference on May 15th – 17th 2023!

Panel Presentation:

Presentation given by Philippe Van Cappellen titled "Lake eutrophication: Major GWF research outcomes" given in the panel "Changing Lakes, Ponds, and Wetlands" convened by Nandita Basu and Philippe Van Cappellen.

Poster and Lighting talks:

Radosavljevic, J., Slowinski, S., Zhou, B., Alcott, L. J., Rezanezhad, F., Shafii, M., and Van Cappellen, P. Salinization increases eutrophication symptoms in freshwater lakes of North America.

Zhou, B., Radosavljevic, J., Parsons, C. T., Rezanezhad, F., Passeport, E., Van Cappellen, P. Modelling reduction and enrichment effects of urban stormwater best management practices on phosphorus at the watershed scale.

Kaykhosravi, S., Slowinski, S., Bhusal, Y., Shafii, M., Sabur, M. A., Chomicki, K., Ruddy, S., Parsons, C. T., Rezanezhad, F., Van Cappellen, P. Urban phosphorus speciation and export loads: a paired sewershed field and modeling study.

Sabur, M. A., Kaykhosravi, S., Slowinski, S., Van Cappellen, P. Carbon Budget of an Urban Stormwater Pond: Importance of Riparian Vegetation.

Shahvaran, A. R., Pour, H. K., Van Cappellen, P. Evaluation of multispectral air- and space-borne Chl-a products for remote monitoring of eutrophication in Western Lake Ontario.

Bocaniov, S., Van Cappellen, P. A phosphorus mass-balance model for the Lake St. Clair-Lake Erie system: How important is in-lake phosphorus loading?

Ye, J., Rezanezhad, F., Slowinski, S., Ramezanzadeh, M., Vandergriendt, M., Van Cappellen, P. The effect of soil moisture and oxygen content on naphthalene biodegradation.

Lam, C., Slowinski, S., Willms, N., Hug, H., Van Cappellen, P., and Rezanezhad, F. Landfill cover soils: variable moisture and temperature effects on methane oxidation.

Green, D., Rezanezhad, F., Jordan, S., Riddle, C. W., Henry, H., Slowinski, S., Van Cappellen, P. The Effects of Winter Pulsed Warming and Snowmelt on Nitrogen Cycling in Agricultural Soils: A Lysimeter Study.

Nguyen, T., Rezanezhad, F., Reshadi, A., Slowinski, S., Van Cappellen, P. Controls on microplastics accumulation in stormwater pond sediments: Preliminary results.

Reshadi, A., Rezanezhad, F., Nguyen, T., Slowinski, S., Kaykhosravi, S., Van Cappellen, P. Investigating drivers of microplastic pollution in urban settings.

Alcott, L. J., Shahvaran, A. R., Rezanezhad, F., Van Cappellen, P. Direct Microplastic Inputs to the Laurentian Great Lakes from Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Huang, Q., Wang, P., Alcott, L. J., Rezanezhad, F., Van Cappellen, P. Changing Dissolved Organic Carbon in Yukon and Mackenzie River Basins.

Eager, S., Persaud, B.D., Goucher, N., Grant, J., Behbooei, M., Dukacz, K, Van Cappellen, P., Lin, Jimmy, and Adapa, P. Breaking Down Barriers: Examining the Accessibility of Global Water Futures Research.

Behbooei, M., Kamalloo, E., Persaud, D. B., Eager, S., Goucher, N., Grant, J., Van Cappellen, P., Lin, J. Leveraging open source resources to preserve research outputs from a large interdisciplinary water science project: case study of peer review publications.

Shafii, M., Slowinski, S., Sabur, M. A., Arvisais, A., Bhusal, Y., Withers, W., Krogstad, K. J., Parsons, C. T., Van Cappellen, P. Statistical modeling of phosphorus loads and speciation in urban catchments under variable landuse.

Pi, K., Liu, J., Rezanezhad, F., Van Cappellen. P.Field validation of DNA-based biosensors for quick detection of ultra-trace mercury(II) in natural waters.

Univeristy of Waterloo Global Water future group at the GWF ASM 2023