ERG attends IAGLR 2023

Monday, May 8, 2023

Ecohydrology Research Group members attended the 2023 International Association for Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) conference held in Toronto, Ontario, on May 8-12. This year’s conference theme was ‘Adapting to Climate Change’. More information about the conference can be found on the conference website.

ERG members organized the following two sessions at the conference:

Serghei Bocaniov and Philippe Van Cappellen, alongside Kevin G. Lamb, Yerubandi R. Rao, and David Hamilton, organized a session titled “Towards Integrated Large Lake/Coastal Ocean-Watershed Modelling.”

Mahyar Shafii, Chris Parsons and Philippe Van Cappellen, alongside Krista Chomicki, organized a session titled “Urban Phosphorus Speciation, Retention, and Export: From Science to Management.

Ecohydrology Research Group members gave the following presentations:

Radosavljevic, J., Slowinski, S., Rezanezhad, F., Shafii, M., and Van Cappellen, P.  Salinization amplifies eutrophication symptoms in freshwater lakes.

Zhou, B., Radosavljevic, J., Parsons, C. T., Rezanezhad, F., Passeport, E., Van Cappellen, P. Modelling reduction and enrichment effects of urban stormwater best management practices on phosphorus at the watershed scale.

Kaykhosravi, S., Slowinski, S., Bhusal, Y., Shafii, M., Sabur, M. A., Chomicki, K., Ruddy, S., Parsons, C. T., Rezanezhad, F., Van Cappellen, P. Urban phosphorus speciation and export loads: a paired sewershed field and modeling study.

Shahvaran, A. R., Pour, H. K., Van Cappellen, P. Evaluation of multispectral air- and space-borne Chl-a products for remote monitoring of eutrophication in Western Lake Ontario.

Bocaniov, S. A., Lamb, K. G., Rao, Y. R., Van Cappellen, P. Thermal structure and bottom water hypoxia of a large lake: Sensitivity to climate change

Bocaniov, S. A., Scavia, D., Van Cappellen, P.  The phosphorus mass-balance of Lake Erie reveals an important contribution of in-lake loading.

Nguyen, T., Rezanezhad, F., Reshadi, A., Slowinski, S., Van Cappellen, P. Controls on microplastics accumulation in stormwater pond sediments: Preliminary results.

Watson, M. C., Li, S., Hall, R. I., Van CappellenP., RezanezhadF. Time trends in microplastics deposition to a reservoir in the urbanizing Grand River Watershed.

Alcott, L. J., Shahvaran, A. R., Rezanezhad, F., Van Cappellen, P. Direct microplastic inputs to the Laurentian Great Lakes from wastewater treatment plants.

Jenkins, T., Persaud, B., Cowger, W., Szigeti, K., Roche, D., Clary, E., Slowinski, S., Lei, B., Abeynayaka, A., Nyadjro, E. S., Maes, T., Hampton, L. T., Bergmann, M., Aherne, J., Mason, S. A., Honek, J., Rezanezhad, F., Lusher, A., Booth, A., Smith, R., Van Cappellen, P. Current state of microplastic pollution research data: trends in availability and sources of open data.

Shafii, M., Slowinski, S., Sabur, M. A., Arvisais, A., Bhusal, Y., Withers, W., Krogstad, K. J., Parsons, C. T., Van Cappellen, P. Statistical modeling of phosphorus loads and speciation in urban catchments under variable landuse.