UW Researchers attend Ecohydrology Workshop in Wuhan, China

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

University of Waterloo (UW) researchers, Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen (Ecohydrology Research Group), Dr. Shuhuan Li (Ecohydrology Research Group), and Dr. Roy Brouwer (Water Institute) met with researchers from the China University of Geosciences (CUG) in Wuhan, China to take part in the CUG-UW Workshop on Ecohydrology.

Attendees of the CUG-UW Workshop on Ecohydrology in Wuhan, China

The 4-day workshop (July 16-20) featured keynote presentations from Dr. Van Cappellen and Dr. Brouwer. Dr. Van Cappellen presented "Contaminant fate and transport in subsurface environments" and "Soil respiration - where biogeochmistry, hydrology and climate science meet". Dr. Brouwer presented "Meta-analysis of institutional-economic factors explaining the environmental performance of payments for watershed services" and "Economic valuation of regulating services provided by wetlands in agricultural landscapes: A meta-analysis".