PhD Student

Bowen Zhou

I am a PhD student in the multidisciplinary field of ecohydrology. I have a strong interest in exploring and assessing phosphorus (P) retention performance of stormwater management (SWM) systems in urban areas, especially under the context of climate change. My research interest focuses on: 

  • Advance the understanding of fate and speciation of P in stormwater ponds and bioretention cells by reactive transport modelling approaches to enable robust prediction of outflow P loadings from SWM system

  • Evaluate the influence of SWM systems application on urban P cycle under various event sizes

  • Incorporate an ensemble of future climate projections in SWM P modelling framework to assess the resiliency the SWM systems can provide to urban P cycle under climate change

My study will also provide practitioners with an understanding on how to optimize the design parameters of SWM systems to improve the capacity for retaining P in cold regions under climate change.  

Research Gate

Start Date: January 2020

Office: PHY 3017


Advisory Committee

Supervisor: Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen (U of Waterloo)

Co-supervisor: Dr. Chris Parsons (Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Dr. Fereidoun Rezanezhad (U of Waterloo)

Dr. Elodie Passeport (U of Toronto)

Dr. Nandita Basu (U of Waterloo)

University of Waterloo

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