Fereidoun Rezanezhad

Research Assistant Professor

Picture of Fereidoun Rezanezhad

Associate Editor of the Journal of Hydrology

Chair of Canadian Representative to the IAHS Commission on Water Quality

Mercator Fellow in Baltic TRANSCOAST Research Training Group

Co-op Program Coordinator of the Ecohydrology Research Group

My diverse research interests are united under the central theme of understanding mechanisms controlling subsurface hydrogeochemistry. While I am interested in fundamental physical, hydrological and geochemical questions, much of my work also has strong applied aspects. The scale of my research ranges from detailed examination of hydrological dynamics and biogeochemical pathways to watershed and landscape studies. I have extensive field experience in wetland ecosystems, monitoring water levels, soil and water quality, as well as contaminant, nutrient, and greenhouse gas fluxes. I have recently developed and implemented novel techniques in the lab, including automated water table fluctuating soil column system, automated freeze-thaw cycle soil column system, an automated flow injection switch-box, different pore water sampling devices, and high resolution electrochemistry sensors, for innovative research projects, which will allow to advance my career by upscaling the bench scale systems for validating and accurately addressing physical and chemical heterogeneity at multiple spatial scales and to develop models of hydrogeochemical processes, which will improve solute transport modelling reliability.

My current research projects include studies on:

  • Hydrogeochemical processes of aquatic-terrestrial interfaces
  • Biogeochemical cycles of nutrients
  • Terrestrial ecosystem processes
  • Groundwater-surface water interactions
  • Hydrological and biogeochemical processes of peatlands and wetlands
  • Seasonal freeze/thaw dynamics
  • CO2, N2O and CH4 production and fluxes
  • Flow and transport in porous media (particularly in complex dual-porosity)
  • HydroBioGeoPhysics: Geophysical methods to assess subsurface biogeochemical processes


Office: EIT 2001

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 31328

E-mail: frezanez@uwaterloo.ca

University of Waterloo

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