PhD Student

Jovana RadosavljevicI am a PhD student with a background in hydrogeology. I am interested in the quantification of phosphorus export from stormwater management systems into the aquatic ecosystems, especially during extreme climate events. My research focuses are:

  • Understanding the fate and speciation of phosphorus in the stormwater management systems (e.g.  ponds, bioretention cells, green roofs, etc.);
  • Providing the relationship between extreme climate (hydrologic) events and phosphorus mobilization in stormwater management systems;
  • Developing phosphorus reactive transport model for urban area and stormwater management systems.

The results of this research can be applied in the development of best management practices, which minimize the export of phosphorus from urban areas into the receiving water bodies.

Start Date: September 2018


Office: PHY 3009

Advisory Committee:

University of Waterloo