Research Biogeochemist

My role as a Research Biogeochemist is to support experimental, field and model-based research activities within the research group.

Research interests

  • Incorporating bioenergetics into reactive transport models to realistically represent the energetic constraints on microbial activity in terrestrial subsurface environments
  • Nutrient (C, N, Fe, S, P, Si) biogeochemistry in terrestrial subsurface and aquatic environments, and in intermediate environments like riparian zones
  • Anthropogenic activity and climate change impacts on biogeochemistry in the Earth's Critical Zone
  • The social impacts and aspects of geochemistry and hydro(geo)logy

Current research projects

  • Hydrocarbon degradation and carbon dioxide and methane production in near-surface soils under fluctuating temperature and soil moisture conditions: Targeted experiments and bioenergetics-based reaction modeling
  • Accounting for the competition between chemoautotrophic and chemoheterotrophic metabolisms in subsurface environments using a bionergetic-kinetic modeling approach

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