Research Associate

Photo of Zahra AkbarzadehI am a research associate in the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Waterloo, where my role is to develop models to simulate nutrient cycling in lakes and reservoirs. The focus of my research career has been the study of the effects of anthropogenic activities on the fresh water environment.

I completed my PhD in Earth Sciences within the Ecohydrology Research Group at the University of Waterloo, where my thesis focused on the quantitative modeling of nitrogen cycling along the river continuum.

Previously, I obtained my Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tehran. In my Master’s thesis, I developed a two dimensional water quality model for dam reservoirs.

Currently, I am working on modeling nutrient cycling in the Great Lakes with a particular focus on phosphorus dynamics in littoral zones. This work is used to investigate the role of littoral zones on phosphorus cycling in large lakes, and how it affects nearshore eutrophication caused by the excess availability of phosphorus.

Office: PHY 3003


University of Waterloo