Amir Reshadi

PhD Student
Amir Reshadi

Current research

As a member of the Ecohydrology Research Group, my primary focus is on modeling microplastic pollution transport in Kitchener's stormwater management ponds (SWMPs) and examining the impacts of urban development. Our research is instrumental in enhancing local infrastructure to mitigate microplastic pollution. Concisely, my main objectives during this project are:

  • Developing models to analyze microplastic pollution in SWMPs.

  • Studying the effects of urbanization on microplastic pollution patterns.

  • Assessing the efficiency of SWMPs in retaining microplastics.

  • Aiding local authorities in improving urban environmental management.

  • Expanding research to include the Grand River Watershed's role in microplastic dispersion to Lake Erie.

Educational/Research background

I receivedĀ my master of science in environmental engineering at K. N. Toosi University of Technology. My previous research has covered a variety of environmental topics, with an emphasis on water engineering.