Philippe Van Cappellen

Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate in Ecohydrology

Philippe Van Cappellen

My research focuses on the biogeochemistry of soils, sediments and aquatic ecosystems, the cycles of water, carbon, nutrients and metals, global change, geobiology, chemical hydrology, water-rock interactions and environmental modeling. At the University of Waterloo, I lead the research program in ecohydrology.

Geomicrobiology: microbial degradation of organic matter, redox and acid-base dynamics of natural waters, geomicrobiology of metals, interfacial chemistry of microorganisms.
Mineral-water interactions: surface chemistry of minerals, kinetics of mineral nucleation, growth and dissolution, biomineralization.
Reactive transport modeling: numerical models of multicomponent reactive transport in sediments, soils, surface waters, hydrothermal systems and aquifers.
Water and elemental cycles, global change, sustainability: carbon and nutrient cycles, land-ocean transition, coastal ecosystems, groundwater-surface water interactions.
Biogeochemical complexity: dynamics of coupled geomicrobial reaction networks, competition and feedbacks among metabolic and abiotic reaction pathways.

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Office: PHY 3002

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 48757