Stephanie Slowinski

Research Biogeochemist

My role as a Research Biogeochemist is to support research activities within the research group by fostering collaborations with partner organizations, supporting field and experimental data collection, or drafting and editing manuscripts and reports.

Research interests:

  • Human activity and climate change impacts on biogeochemistry in the Earth's Critical Zone
  • Nutrient (C, N, P, Si, Fe, S) biogeochemistry and interactions with greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O) emissions in terrestrial subsurface and aquatic environments, including in intermediate environments like riparian zones and in urban stormwater

Current research projects I am supporting:

  • Adaptive management of green stormwater infrastructure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from urban watersheds
  • Understanding microplastics fate and transport at the watershed scale using stormwater pond sediments as archives and using lab and field degradation experiments to understand the rates of plastic degradation under environmentally relevant conditions
  • Urban stormwater phosphorus (P) loading and speciation across sewershed sites and within a stormwater pond: Identifying potential solutions for enhancing P retention in urban landscapes and understanding urban land use/land cover impacts on P speciation and loading to downstream water bodies
  • Hydrocarbon degradation and carbon dioxide and methane production in near-surface soils under fluctuating temperature and soil moisture conditions: Targeted experiments and reactive transport modeling

woman wearing life jacket and thigh waders standing in flowing water

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Office: EIT 1004

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 47777