Xiaochuang Bu

Postdoctoral Fellow
Xiaochuang Bu

The Arctic acts as an amplifier of global climate change. My research interests lie in the carbon dynamics within the Arctic region, particularly in the redox cycling, dark radical chemistry and their contribution to the decomposition and mineralization of organic matter. By amalgamating numerical simulations and laboratory experiments, I hope to achieve a better understanding of watershed-scale (or larger) carbon dynamics and their impact on global climate.

In the Ecohydrology Research Group, I am working on the CLAWAVE project (Chemical load assessments for watersheds: automation and visualization experience), where I employ machine learning tools to reconstruct the trajectory of DOC in Canadian northern rivers, while simultaneously investigating the dynamics of carbon emissions. I also pay meticulous attention to the impact of climate change and land utilization on this intricate process.

Office: PHY3018

Phone: 226-881-3664

Email: x4bu@uwaterloo.ca