Certified Economic Developer (Ec.D.)

EDAC Conference Colin O'Leary, Penny Gardiner, Greg Borduas

The Ec.D. is a professional designation owned, operated and Trade Marked by the Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC) that signals to peers, employers, and other stakeholders that you are a skilled and knowledgeable economic development professional.

The Economic Development Program is accredited by EDAC and provides a variety of opportunities to collect points for Ec.D. certification and re-certification:

  • 10 points: Completion of Year 1 (including paper)
  • 10 points: Completion of Year 2 (including paper)
  • 5-8 points: per EDP seminar

The exam for the Ec.D. designation can be written by EDAC members once you reach 45 points. Other points are awarded for having related degrees, attending economic development conferences, and other milestones.

There are also fast-track options for senior economic developers and for graduates of the Master of Economic Development and Innovation program, as summarized in the graphic below.

Year 3 does not provide any points, because it is designed for people who already have their designation, but it does award a Fellowship certification: Ec.D.(F). 

For further information contact EDAC CEO Penny Gardiner, Ec.D., at gardiner@edac.ca or 905-689-8771. You can also review EDAC’s certification webpage.