About this tool

Perusall is a collaborative annotation platform that encourages group reading and deeper engagement with course materials. It allows you and your students to discuss specific words, sentences, images and passages in a written text or video (link) by highlighting key portions of a document for comment, questions and discussion. Perusall was designed to be used with textbooks, many of which can be purchased by students digitally within Perusall.

Features and functionality

  • Can be used with uploaded files (e.g., Word, PDF, epub), videos (links), websites added to the system
  • A grading algorithm allows for automated scoring of effort and engagement participation
  • A grouping feature allows for control of group size and composition
  • Analytics dashboard

Tool guide

Cost No cost
Recommended class size Unlimited
LEARN integrations Students can log in to Perusall through LEARN
Known limitations Copyright rules for documents apply
Level of support Locally supported by Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
Privacy & Security This tool has been reviewed

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How your peers are using this tool

“Perusall is without a doubt the most important new teaching technology I have ever used. It really is transformative…I’m blown away by the quality of some of the insights my firsties are providing. Reading their comments has given me a window into their heads that I’ve never previously had. And it’s letting me integrate the readings more deeply into the lecture content than has been possible before”

- Rob de Loë; Professor / Associate Director, Undergraduate; School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability

Campus support

Contact Mary Power, Centre for Teaching Excellence

Vendor support

Contact Perusall


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